Library ABC Library ABC

Dear children,


Welcome to Katona József Library. You will know life of this library if you read the following Library ABC. If you are smart, you will quickly find the way to our games, too. We would be happy if you played with us.


Babies' booklet

The Babies’ booklet is for the youngest, i.e. for those up to twelve months. Babies’ folks can note the babies’ first adventures in the library, their favourite cradle-songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes and short verses. When a baby is born among your acquaintances, please, take such a booklet for that baby.


Baby reader's card

Your younger brother and sister can have their own reader‘s cards, too. The little ones under 3 are given the so-called “Baby reader’s card”. With this card it is possible to borrow children’s books, CD-s and DVD-s for babies as well as literature about children.


Board game

In the library you can choose among many interesting board games that help you to rich your knowledge about the world, develop your memory, attention and creativity. Come and test them with your family and friends. Have a good time.



In the Children’s World you can find picture books, folk tales and non-fiction books written in foreign languages. You can borrow them and thus you can read at home, too, and you can try your foreign language knowledge, too.


Children' work of art

In the library there are exhibitions of the most beautiful drawings of all participating in the competitions or the most beautiful pieces of work of the study circles. Suggest your teacher that your school should present itself in the library. Be curious to look at your classmates’ work.



Our charades and riddles help you to learn in a playful way how to use the library, its books and periodicals as well as how to behave properly in the library. While working out the tasks, you can learn new books and interesting stories, too. We hope you will be among those who find the right answers.


Fairy land

This is an enormous empire created by children and adults together, where there are giants, dwarfs, a magician, princes, princesses and, of course, witches and dragons.


Family reading

In our libraries there are regular programmes for whole families. These are lectures and different activities organised for each family member, from the smallest to the oldest.


Frolicsome babies

We invite children under the age of 3 and their parents as well as grand-parents to join in these activities full of nursery rhymes. During these playful activities the adults can learn nursery rhymes, songs and verses that can give pleasure to their small children at home. This programme is free of charge.


Game corner

This is a special place for children where they can find dolls, toy cars, building blocks and they can play shops, trains, have a doll’s dinner party, etc. Please, keep the place neat and tidy.


Listening to music

If you have a reader’s card, ask for a headphone and you can listen to your favourite tale, verse or piece of music.


Month of the children

December is the children’s month in the library. In December we await you with interesting games, programmes and surprises. You can meet writers, poets, story-tellers, puppeteers and orchestras.




The registration is free of charge for children. You only need an adult who undertakes a guarantee for you and you receive your reader’s card justifying your membership. You can use a part of the library services only with your reader’s card. In it you can check when you have to return the borrowed books.



In order to have a good time in the library, it is important to pay attention to the other library visitors. Thus it is vital to respect some basic rules. We ask for your help so that the time spent here can be pleasant and relaxing for everybody.


This is a kind of condition, quiet, necessary for reading, learning, browsing, research, listening to music. Please, do not disturb others.

Orderly state

Pay attention to the right place of books on the shelves and use shelf-dummies. Pleas, tidy up the place, after you have finished playing.


Let’s speak nicely and respect each other.


Always leave your coat and schoolbag in the cloak-room. Thus it is more comfortable for you to look around in the library, to choose books or to play games.

Food and drink

You must not eat or drink among the book-shelves. If you are hungry or thirsty, look for the proper place where you can eat or drink.

Mobile phone

Please, do not use your mobile phone in the library. In case it is very important for you to be reached on the phone, you should mute your mobile phone and look for a place where you do not disturb anybody while speaking.



Similarly in a castle where guards protect princes and princesses, the shelf dummies do guard the order in our library. When you take a book from a shelf, please, replace it with a shelf-dummy. Thus, later, you will know where you have to return the book. These little auxiliary pieces can be found at the information desk, please, do not forget to use them.