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About inter-library loan for our users About inter-library loan for our users

The objective of this service is the access to the documents not available in the collection of Katona József Library.

Process of inter-library loan

This service can be used only by the registered members of the library who undertake to abide by the regulations related to the inter-library loan. We do not accept requests related to the inter-library loan in connection with library documents available in our collection. Conditions related to the use of the requested documents (borrowing or use on the spot) are determined by the library providing the document.

For a request, you have to fill in a respective form at the information desk.

The amount fixed by the sending library in connection with the service should be reimbursed by the library user placing the order.

Take advantage of the integrated library system.
Make use of the services of inter-library loan.


About inter-library loan for libraries About inter-library loan for libraries

About inter-library loan service for libraries

Our library is an ODR member (Hungarian National Database for document Delivery). Inter-library loan is one of our basic library services. Any library is entitled to use the ILL service from the collection of Katona József Library if it undertakes to abide by the regulation related to the loan. We only deliver documents to library addresses.

We accept the ILL request of libraries in the duly filled in ILL request form, on the phone, by fax, in e-mail message (ill [at] kjmk.hu), in the ODR system or after a registration at the relevant interface to borrow documents in BÁCSTUDÁSTÁR” portal.

In original form the following documents can be borrowed only for reference and for a reduced period of time, after our judgement made case by case basis:  ancient and rare documents of the Historical Collection and the reading rooms, the single copy documents in the Local Studies Collection and the reference collections in the reading rooms and the Infotheque service unit.

The original printed documents in the lending stock of Katona József Library can be borrowed in general for 4 weeks. As to the other document types, the period of loan can be different. We can deliver our only for reference documents for a very short period of time or only for reference. The time limit of loan can be extended only once if there is no reservation for the document.

For further information, please, call 76/500-563, fax to 76/500-570 or send e-mail: ill [at] kjmk.hu