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Internet tanfolyam Internet tanfolyam

Our library supports not only the official and formal education, but offers valuable services for those interested in studying in the out of school system or for those having intention to learn independently.

We attach primary attention to teach ICT competencies and to ensure the necessary infrastructure accordingly. We would like to help people to

-        be informed not only from the traditional sources, but in the world of the new electronic information carriers

-        be digitally literate and develop their skills

-        access more diverse learning possibilities

-        have access to the necessary facilities and use the Internet

In order to achieve our objectives, we offer several new services.

Katona József Library runs classes on the use of the Internet.

INFOSULI (Infoschool)

We would like to help mostly the adults who have not had any opportunity to become digitally literate, at least at a basic level, but they need it badly.

About the service:

-        It is accessible for anybody who registers at Katona József Library and is older than 16.

-        The 30-hour-courses are organised in different time and according several timetables. Enrolment is in the library.

-        The tuition fee of INFOSULI is HUF 8.000,-. For seniors we make a reduction, so they pay a contribution of HUF 4.000,-.


In INFOSULI you can learn the following:

-        basic knowledge of the use of the Internet

-        communication by e-mail

-        information retrieval from databases, online web sites

-        use of e-administration services

The courses are conducted by qualified staff-members of the library. Computers are at the disposal of the learners, for the individual practise, during the opening hours, too.


According to the public need, we offer the following schedule of the courses:

10 lessons:      2 X 3 hours / week (on weekdays 10:00 - 13:00)

6 lessons:        1 X 5 hours / week (on Monday 9:00 – 13:00)

Information about the division in groups can be asked for at Infotheque service unit.

The 12-person groups form in order of appearance.

For further information, please, call 76/500-560 or write to info[at]kjmk.hu.