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Küldje el válaszát az címre és nyerje meg a Europe Direct Bács-Kiskun Megyei Európai Információs Pont által felajánlott értékes könyvet.

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Information on BÁCS-TUDÁS-TÁR Information on BÁCS-TUDÁS-TÁR

The objective of the so-called BÁCS-TUDÁS-TÁR portal is to have a common library repository of knowledge at the disposal of the inhabitants and the cultural institutions in Bács-Kiskun County. Our new services and databases provide an opportunity to get information and learn autonomously and they provide each age-group with accessible and usable knowledge.


For children: Our visitors can be introduced to the everyday life of the children’s library and can have information about the current programmes and competitions, too.

Supply of library services in Bács-Kiskun County: These days population in 82 settlements is provided with up-to-date library services on the spot.

Library services for the national minorities in Bács-Kiskun: This is a system of public library services provided by the county library.

EuropeDirect: Our users receive information about the work of the Europe Direct European Information Relay of Bács-Kiskun County, as well as about topicalities, events and the news of the European Union.

Catalogues and special thematic databases

Common Catalogue of Bács-Kiskun County: This catalogue contains the collection data of the libraries joining this common catalogue.

Catalogue of Katona József Library: This catalogue contains information not only about the collection of Katona József Library, but the collections of the municipal libraries in Bácsalmás and Tiszakécske as well as the library collections in more than fifty small towns in the county.

Repository of knowledge about Kodály Zoltán: These pages are compiled for both researchers and students interested in the oeuvre of the world-famous composer who has developed the unique methods of Hungarian theory of music.

Repository of knowledge about Katona József: These pages are compiled to present the famous Hungarian dramatist.

Rules and regulations of everyday life: Here you can retrieve information in connection with the local decrees and decisions taken by the general assembly of Kecskemét, the county town.

Memorial places of historical value and places of religious reverence: This database comprises data about the sculptures, memorial plaques and other works of public art of different settlements in the county.

Anniversaries: This is a collection of data updated yearly in connection with the anniversaries of famous people and events of Kecskemét.

Prizes and distinctions: Here you can retrieve information about different prizes and distinctions given by Bács-Kiskun County and Kecskemét as well as about the personages honoured with them.

Miscellaneous small printed matter in our library collection: This database consists of the details of invitation cards, handbills, flyers and other publications produced for different events from 1841 to the present day. 

Treasures of the Historical Collection: This is the database of the most valuable documents published before 1850 and preserved in the so-called Historical Collection of Katona József Library.

Knowledge repository of famous local personages: Here you can find information related to the biography and the oeuvre of contemporary local writers, authors, artists, etc.

Current local press in Bács-Kiskun County: Explore data built in the catalogue of Katona József Library in connection with the journals published in Bács-Kiskun County.

Course book of technology training: These are descriptions and explanations to facilitate the comprehension of the curriculum of our Internet training. This material is available only for the participants of the courses.

Questionnaire about the visits of this Web portal Questionnaire about the visits of this Web portal

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