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Welcome to Katona József Library. You will know life of this library if you read the following Library ABC. If you are smart, you will quickly find the way to our games, too. We would be happy if you played with us.

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Babahancurka Babahancurka


In Katona József Library we await expectant and nursing mothers wishing to read and learn with a room suitable for breastfeeding and care for their babies. Babies with Mummy and Daddy can participate in playful activities where they can learn nursery rhymes, lullabies, children’ s songs and verses. This programme is free of charge, but the registration is necessary. The pages of the Baby Web contain lists of useful links and books to read as well as a collection of nursery rhymes.

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Családi Olvashow Családi Olvashow

Here you can read our current suggestion about reading and it is also here that you can learn about the eventful life in Fairyland. Week-end programmes for families can be checked out in the Calendar of events.

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