Services of Europe Direct Services of Europe Direct

Information provision

  • free of charge information from traditional and electronic resources
  • collection of EU documents
  • free Internet for updated information
  • access to Europa server
  • databases on CD and DVD-ROM
  • information brochures and leaflets for private individuals and institutions
  • information about calls for proposals
  • press monitoring service
  • monitoring topics
  • selective information provision

  Organisation of events

  • implementation and organisation of conferences
  • forums for professionals and the general public
  • information and open days about the EU
  • exhibitions
  • irregular lessons about the EU or one of its highlighted communication priorities for primary and secondary school children
  • contests and implementation of tenders in connection with the EU for any age-group

Pályázat! Pályázat! Pályázat! Pályázat! Pályázat! Pályázat!

Europe Direct European Information Relay of Bács-Kiskun County
8, Piaristák tere, 6000 Kecskemét
Tel./fax no.: 76/500-560
E-mail:  eip[at]
Opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10-19:00

Our staff members
István Fazekas
Zoltán Horváth Pál
Angéla Rédai