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Katona József Könyvtár
6000 Kecskemét
Piaristák tere 8.
6001 Kecskemét Pf. 127.
Telefon: 76/500-550
Fax: 76/500-570
Titkárság: 76/500-555
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Equal access to the library services Equal access to the library services

One of the criteria of the accession to the European Union was the equal access for the citizens – for those with disabilities, too – in each arena of the social life, mostly in the public bodies.

The equal access to the library services is guaranteed by the following
•    the central library is in the downtown
•    easily accessible both on foot and by means of public transport
•    a ramp helps to enter the building that has full disabled access to all areas inside
•    at the main entrance the door is automatic
•    there is a lift in the public zone  
•    the user can ask for a wheelchair  
•    there are separate special lavatories for the disabled  
•    there is enough room between the bookshelves
•    communication accessibility: at five information points as well as in the large room, those with hearing aid are assisted with induction loop
•    flash lamp and fire alarm warn people as soon as fire is detected
•    a special lane is marked out in the library in order to show the persons with visual impairments where to move along in the building  
•    Eclips Reader machine, Braille, JAWS Screen Reading software and magnifiers are at the disposal of  the visually impaired
•    several staff members have completed a basic course of sign language interpreter
•    the title of ’Baby friendly place’ was awarded to our library by the National Committee for Support of Breastfeeding
•    a Baby friendly room is waiting for nursing mothers and their babies
Further information can be asked by phone 76/500-557 and by emailing muszak [at] kjmk.hu